The value and utility of geospatial information in society and the world economy has been expanding exponentially in line with its growing maturity and is now finding relevance in almost every human endeavour. Geospatial information is not just an enabler for our day to day activity, but is a driver for innovation, development and excellence in and across countries, bringing disruption to business models, but ultimately creating significant social and economic value; to such an extent as to aggregate an economy around itself.

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ABOUT Private Sector Network (PSN)

Based on the contributions by academia and industry for the past five years, at its sixth session, convened in New York in August 2016, the UN-GGIM Committee of Experts discussed the proposal to endorse the establishment of the UN-GGIM Academic and Private Sector Networks. In making decision 6/101 the Committee of Experts, noting that the 2030 Agenda calls for stronger public-private partnerships in order for new data sources and technologies to be harnessed, agreed to the establishment of the Academic Network and the Private Sector Networks (E/C.20/2016/15).

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